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How to Change Name in India: Step by Step Guide with Images

Changing name in India is always perceived as a cumbersome procedure, which is true to a large extent. In the following article we help you understand the entire procedure in an easy way,

1. File an Affidavit in Court

Firstly visit your nearest District Court. Get an application for name change and submit it before a Magistrate or a Notary Officer. The affidavit should be on a 20 rupee stamp paper (you can do it on a higher denomination one if you want to). The affidavit must contain information like your current name, new name, reason for changing your name; your father or husband name, address and date of birth. You would also require to attach identity and address proofs along with it.

The affidavit becomes valid legal document once authorized by the Magistrate or a Notary Public.

2. Advertising in Local Newspapers

Once your affidavit is authorized, you will have to place an advertisement regarding the same in at least two of your local newspapers; one of local language and the other one of English language.

Your name change will be legally valid only after the advertisements are published.

3. Gazette Notification

The next step after you’ve advertised about your name change in the local newspapers is to publish the same in the Gazette of India or the official Gazette of your corresponding state/Union Territory. This can be done at a Government Press by submitting an application in the prescribed format which can be done in through registered post or in person.  The application can be downloaded from . The application has to be accompanied with the supporting documents such as the copy of the name change affidavit, copies of newspaper advertisements about name change, your photographs, proof of identity and proof of address along with your personal information.  You also need to mention the number of additional copies of the Gazette you require (maximum being 2). A fee which varies from state to state (ranges from Rs. 700 to 2300) needs to be paid to the Department of Publication, Government of India or to the Department of Publication of the corresponding state you are applying in, through cash, DD or Indian Postal Order for the Gazette notification.

4. Get Copies of the Gazette Notification

Once your application for Gazette notification is accepted and processed, then after about 15 working days, you will receive a copy of the Gazette.  Preserve these copies safely as they are needed while updating your name in document or whenever required.

5. Have Multiple Copies of the Advertisements

Now that your name change is valid, you will have to provide the copy and originals of the advertisements while updating your new name in the government documents. So you should buy multiple copies of the newspaper editions which carry your advertisement of name change so that you may use them whenever need arises.

And this easily you can change name in India which should not take more than 15-20 days.

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