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3 Easy Ways to Extract Images from Word File

A friend of yours has mailed you a file with some images in it. You download it and see all the content inside it. Now if you want to use any image from that file you have an issue. How you’re gonna extract images from word file your friend just sent? In the blog, we […]

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16 Flop Bollywood Movies that Deserves Watching Once

There is no fixed formula of making a hit Bollywood movie. Movies with a popular star-cast usually perform well at the box office, but that too is not even certain. In the last decade, there are movies that flopped but had the potential be a hit. In this article, we’re enlisting few such Bollywood movies […]


7 Vows of Hindu Marriage Explained (Saat Vachans)

Whenever we think of Indian Hindu weddings, the first thing that comes to our minds is colorful, vibrant, and extravagant. However, regardless of the scale and the culture in which the wedding is being conducted, one thing that remains common in all Hindu marriages is the sacredness of ‘7 vachans’ or 7 vows. In India, […]